SATURDAY MAY 5th @ the CAROLINE HUB   10:00 - 12:30   

  Cost: $35              Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome!

No need to pre-register. Please bring a blanket, water, and a light snack if you wish!

Yin Yoga stimulates energy channels throughout the body, promotes circulation, opens joints and softens connective tissue (fascia). We will combine these deeply restorative postures,held for a few minutes each, with soothing breath work, followed by a lengthy deep relaxation.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate students, postures are modified
 to suit all ages and abilities, and to accommodate any health and/or    injury issues. We will use yoga props (provided) to get really comfy
 in these static postures. Yin yoga is gentle and suitable for most
    people with manageable injuries and illnesses. You simply need
         the ability to get up and down off the mat.